Posted by: mrrx | August 5, 2004

Progressing the quest

My EQ time has been a bit limited – a lot less happening with each entry.

Tezcatlipocca : Brewing up to 54 via the Abysmal quest. A nice high-level barbarian gave me 40 Halas Meat Pies too – thanks bud! Gated back to Shar Vahl and finished the brewing part of the quest, by making flasks of Sweetwater. I even made one extra because it sounded cool, and it’s a “refreshing drink”.

And what comes up next? A pottery quest, where I have to fire up a clay jar. That was dumb – I should have looked ahead and realized I’d have to do another quest. Got too focused on only the next step. So I make the run back to Abysmal, find the pottery guy, get started and get to 2 on Pottery skill, and then I log for the night.


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