Posted by: mrrx | July 29, 2004

Grinding all right

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 13. 30% XP. Log in and get ready to do my camping procedure. Then I notice something a little scary : one of the mobs on the ramp is a glowing muck digger – first time I’ve run into him there. After further consideration I buff myself fully, fully med, and then pull him.

Bad idea. He killed me. After my corpse recovery, it was clear I couldn’t camp my favorite spot. One other interesting fact about Paludal – apparently you only lose about 4% XP instead of 10%.

So I ran back and forth through the tunnel connecting lake 1 & 2. I killed every mushroom in there, many of which were green Sensate Reishi Sprouts, but some of which were dark blue Juveniles. Took out two bugs too – the first roamer at the lake 1 area of the tunnel, and the spawn at the dead-end nearby. Easy to pull single. By taking out everything I maximize my chances of getting XP’able mobs when they repop.

It got even worse after I dinged 13, now sometimes the juveniles are light blue; although cold comfort at best, there are also some of the sprouts which are still light blue, but I don’t think I’m getting much more than .2% per kill for those, and about .5% for the juvenile light blues.

I’m also almost out of food and drink – have to start summoning it unless I want to make the trip back to Shar Vahl before my loot bags are full.

Grinding is the right word – just trying to get through this. Once I hit 14 I’ll return to Lake 2 and see if I can get that going again. Perhaps tonight my camp won’t have anything glowing; I sure hope so at least.



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