Posted by: mrrx | July 26, 2004

Death to the Bugs

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 11, 50% XP. Hunted many bugs including muck diggers in Paludal. Got two hearts – I’m going to need a few for later parts of the Dar Khura quests. Also hooked up with my silk buyer, sold him 90 shadeling silks, and now I’m rich. Well, not rich. Maybe if I keep that up though, I can get an earring of the solstice.

Did get killed once – it’s always the roamer that gets you killed. I was pulling bugs one at a time and when I got the roamer, I got several adds. Not right away – but when they would pop they came after me. The annoying thing was I had one down to 2% right when I died. Damn!

I’m not tough enough yet to go to Lake 2, but I’m getting closer. I should be here awhile – this place will take me to 15 and then onwards towards quest completion.


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