Posted by: mrrx | July 22, 2004

Farmer Tez

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 10. 25% XP. I love playing this character for whatever reason. Continued to hunt in Butcherblock and collected many more heads, and much more platinum. Got killed eventually when a wandering greenblood came by as I was fighting a goblin shaman. The shaman is still difficult to fight at this level, but doable, except when another tough creature comes by and attacks at the same time. Now I’m level 10 and so I did my first corpse recovery.

Afterwards went into the bazaar and upgraded more equipment. Need a new shield and a new tunic, plus earrings; have some basic cheap equipment for all other items. My new blunt weapon is a blackjack, 7/21.

Thought I’d go back to Shadeweavers area, and collect shadeling silk. Ran into another player and he asked if I’d farm silks for him. I sold him what I had, 25 silks for my bazaar price. Wow! Quick & easy money! He asked if I could collect a bunch for him, like another 100, and I told him I’d collect some and give him first crack. He wants to pay like half of my bazaar price, I don’t really want to do that, but maybe he can get me into his guild or PL me or something. So I’ll collect the silks and see what happens when I contact him again.

At this point I’m thinking to continue to collect plat, get upgraded on everything but my tunic, then evaluate how to buy a new chest piece. Probably want to spend a lot on that. The XP is very slow hunting the shades – they are all light blue.

There are three spots to pick up the shadeling silks :

1) Shadeweavers, right next to the PoK stone. A bunch wander and spawn in this area.
2) Shar Vahl, the crater surrounding the city. Sometimes there are a ton of them here, yet they seem to peter out quickly for some strange reason.
3) Northeast Shadweavers, by the Paludal Caverns tunnel. Bunch of shades here who can also drop the silk.

So I’ll wander these areas and pick up what I can. Still a long way away from level 15.


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