Posted by: mrrx | July 20, 2004


Hatereaper : Ding 20. Fought through the fiends and bandits a couple more times, with the help of nice high-level druid spells again. They sure chew themselves up on a thorns spell. Collected another full load of loot and sold everything. Having gotten to 20, not sure what to have him do next.

Tezcatlipocca : 95% or so XP. Managed to sell the shadeling silk in the bazaar finally, so took it and went looking for things in the bazaar. Bought several small cheap upgrades to items including a 2HB weapon, new face and head items. Did not get a good 1HB weapon unfortunately. Did not find a ring or an earring which sounded good enough to buy. Expect to continue looking for upgrades, especially a 1HB weapon and a shield.


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