Posted by: mrrx | July 19, 2004

Collecting Platinum

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 9. 80% XP. Spent a long session seeking money for spells and equipment, and got substantial XP to boot. Much of his time was spent in Butcherblock grabbing Skunk Claws, Green Goblin heads & vials, spider & spiderling silk, and bone chips. Ran from the goblin camp above the Wayfarer’s camp, to the camp near Dagnors, over and over and collected a whole bunch of goodies.

When he got enough money, had him run off and buy spells. One spell-buying expedition was to the Oasis of Marr. The gypsy camp there had four spells which I needed and weren’t easily available anywhere else. I had to run from Freeport and made it to the camp without incident, at least after getting killed trying to go in from Innothule Swamp. But I couldn’t be left alone in peace to buy my spells – mobs kept trying to kill me. I managed to get help from a high-level who was there, she kept them off my back long enough for me to buy & gate.

Ultimately got enough money for all my level 9, and level 14 spells. Bought them all. Bought a few boxes for bank storage, and also bought two Opal Encrusted Steins. Hopefully I collect some more money next, and make a quick trip to the bazaar for better weapons, like a Shissar Battlehammer, and some kind of 2HB weapon.

I keep trying to sell my Shadeling Silk in the Torv bazaar, and am not having any luck with it. I’m very surprised – sure, I’m having computer problems, but on Tunare any silk sells within minutes of being put up, and here I have 40 pieces which aren’t getting bought. Please sell already – my Torv characters could sure use the money.



  1. as-94783-sa

    nice blog.. i ll come back again :] greets

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