Posted by: mrrx | July 16, 2004

“Hating” Paludal

Hammerbreaker : 20% XP. Did an LDON which was successful. It was kind of funny because I was in with another strong personality who wanted to be leader and dictate how we were going to do the adventure. I think, all in all, I like having those people most of the time, except when they really do *take over*. They know what to do, help greatly with tactics, and I move things along in the right direction quietly instead.

Got my first leadership skill during this one – can now Mark an NPC. As a tank I like this one, because there’s no more confusion about which thing to kill first – kill the marked one. Makes it easier to do ghetto crowd control by taunting.

I also won a roll on a strength & stamina potion. Have to look up just how useful it is and figure out when to use it.

Woundbane : Fished a bit more in Abysmal. Just for maybe half an hour. More skillups & more fish, but nowhere near enough to turn in for tribute.

Hatereaper : Ding 16, then 17. 30% XP. Started out the night by filling up on loot at Unrest, and running out to sell to the dwarf on the island in nearby Dagnor’s Cauldron. Swam across and made it no problem. But got killed by that other bastard dwarf that wanders the island. Stupid dwarf. I’m killing that punk once I’m high level.

Had to enlist aid to get my corpse, and nice folks were kind enough to drag it over to the canyon entrance. Ran out to Butcher and sold everything.

Next decided to try out a suggested zone on the Shadowknight boards, Netherbian Lair. I don’t know what they were thinking; all the mobs I see in there are red. I even got an atmosphere message when crawling into one of the tunnels – “Are you sure you want to go in here?” That was funny. How exactly am I supposed to take on red cons ? Somebody didn’t read things very well, or explain sufficiently how to do it. But it worked out OK because I ran into another troll, who was kind enough to give me a Cougar Claw earring. He gave the normal advice – go to Paludal. Resistance is futile, I thought – and ran over there.

Went back to my 2nd lake – 1st lake is the one off of Shadeweavers, and the second is the next one on the east side. There was a whole bunch of people in there, and it ended up with one powerleveling group, and me and a beastlord. The PL’ers gave us massive buffs and we mowed down the plerg fiends for quite a while. Ding 16. I even took all the loot because my beastie friend was not too interested. I offered multiple times.

So I had to log off and on again. When I came back the cave was empty, and I proceeded to take out the fiends. Then the nicest guy showed up, 2-boxing and PL’ing his rogue. He buffed me heavily. He refreshed them once they faded. He was obviously a longtime player because he kept giving me advice and stuff; I got a velium spear, one handed, which is perfect for Hatereaper. Gave me a velium fire wedding ring – +65 HP.

And he asked me why I wasn’t using my pet. I had heard the pet was not too useful so I just didn’t use it. Turns out this is pretty dumb, especially in a place like Paludal, where I can give it a whole bunch of weird junk rather than let it rot. Plus, it now zones with you. So I started to use the pet, and it definitely helped. I was now a mean hateful killing machine, even with 1HS at 50ish or so.

Wasted the fiends for a long while still, and dinged 17. Then my pal announced he was going to Shadowhaven, want to group & come along? So I did, and I was glad to get the tour through Paludal.

The rest of Lake 2 is doable for Hatereaper; he could walk through killing while he goes and get away with that. The Bandit Camp cave is huge, and has very high passes along with a gigantic lake. Remember my troubles with swimming? This sounds like the place to work on it, because as far as I can tell the lake is empty. And now, he’s of the right level to fight in the bandit camps so perhaps he can get into a group there.

All in all, it simply looks……. neat. None of those weird EQ graphics immediately appearing, instead new parts of the cave appear out of the mist. I may find myself loving this place after all.

Ran out to the bazaar, sold all my stuff and banked what I’m keeping, like Spongy Fungal Fiend Flesh. I love saying that. I love being a Troll or and Ogre and eating it too. Mabye I’ll give the mushroom parts to my normal characters – Chunk of Sensate Reishi. Turns out the mushroom is much more nutritious in a game sense too.

Logged off with a big sense of satisfaction; have to get on tonight and see if my pal is on too. He says he has bone chips I might want, and how can I turn down bonechips ?


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