Posted by: mrrx | July 14, 2004

Patch Day

Today was the big patch. Abysmal fishing works again; pets will zone with you too.

Woundbane : 70% XP. Planned on running him to the Abysmal Sea immediately to fish for tribute. As I’m passing through Butcherblock I get a tell and decide to join an LDoN – they were a full group except for a cleric. So I join and immediately regret it, as they pick a hard adventure, with most of them 20 somethings and me and the magician at 30. You know we’re not going to make it in those circumstances. This means the mobs are going to be red to most of the other players, and mostly blue to me. Was surprised to see some whites though.

Things went well for the first third of the mission (a slaughter), until the mage’s pet decided to pull about 5 mobs. There went our tank and the mage; I managed to keep the others alive and we ran.

Went back in a second time, took out maybe four more mobs and somehow someone made another overpull. Couldn’t see this time; was sitting down at the bottom of some steps. Once again, goodbye mage and tank. Poor guys; and the mage died on the way to the adventure as well ! At that point we called it quits, most of them didn’t hang around for the split, and I ended up with 19 plat and change.

Made it out to Abysmal after that, did a little fishing. My heart wasn’t really in it yet though, so I logged after a short while. The plan being, fish for tribute, and practice spell skills. Divination now 90 and fishing 38.

Tezcatlipocca :70% XP. Squashed a few more bugs and shrooms in Paludal. Lost a bunch of time after I took on a white con mushroom and got trounced; had to run from Shar Vahl again. I guess that even two levels is enough that the white cons are going to destroy me now. Not too surprising since I have cloth armor and a miserable weapon.

Hatereaper : 40% XP. Taking on death beetles and tormented dead in Unrest, and still killing very verrrryyyy sllooowwwwwllyyyyy. Have 19 skill in 1HS, so switched to my blunt weapon. Oh man, is that slow or what! It’s a real cheap weapon with a short delay, but low damage. I got adds because it took so long to kill things. I believe I got the skill up to about 5, got tired and logged off.


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