Posted by: mrrx | July 13, 2004

I want Worms

Short session tonight.

Tezcatlipocca :Ding 6. 50% towards 7. Kept going in the crater for awhile, but none of the worms would spawn. I kept killing the beetles, which are supposedly their placeholders, and still no more would pop. So after I got my level I decided screw it. I’m going to progress the Shaman quest after I’m level 15 and can do Abysmal brewing.

Walked through Shadweavers and entered Paludal. This place is dangerous for Tez – very few dk blues, mostly yellows and reds. But are the dark blues good XP ! 6-7% each, and the one white con I killed was 7-8%. Had to sit down after most fights, but *so what* ! Couldn’t play long so I logged at this point.


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