Posted by: mrrx | July 12, 2004

Questing in Shar Vahl

Hatereaper :About 20% XP. Ran him through Dagnor’s Cauldron. I started off having him swim the Cauldron, because, seems like an easy way to up swimming skill. Well this time I finally caught an aqua goblin while swimming. Did manage to get him out of the water, but unfortunately I found out the fab four do not like trolls. They took care of the goblin, but also me.

Got another player to rez me who was nearby, and took off [on foot!], and made it to Unrest without incident. Killed a few beetles and tormented dead. Damnation were those long long fights – he’s in no real danger but because he barely has any 1HS skill his sword isn’t too useful. The good news is the longer the fight, the more skillups. Both bash and 1HS are at around 12 each.

Bonebank :About 20% XP. My heart wasn’t really in it as I had so much fun getting Tezcatlipocca going. Squashing more bugs in Paludal.

But finally reached a “shaman decision” – deleted the Ogre and keeping the Vah Shir. Ogre shaman to go on another server, if I actually create one at all. Glad I did this. It was funny, as I’m deleting him some guy comes up to me and says “d00d u got n e pl4t?” I found it so funny that he’s asking a deleting character for money that I gave him everything – 20 silver, 50 coppers, and 20 milks 🙂 . You go haxor dude.

Tezcatlipocca :Today was his day. Ding 4; then 5. 73% XP. Fought in Gloomingdeep until 5th level, and managed to acquire a complete set of cloth armor. Had to buy the leggings unfortunately. Then I took off and went to my guildmaster in Shar Vahl.

Bought spells, both beginner ones and 5th level ones, at least the ones I could afford. I think I’m still missing two. Then my guildmaster gives me the Shar Vahl citizenship quest – #1 of about 6, and I completed it. Reward was some faction, 3% XP, and a 4 AC cloak which I wore happily.

Then talked to another shaman NPC who gives you a second quest. First, you have to collect some hairless rockhopper hides, so I had to make my way down into the crater. Took me awhile to find a safer way to get there – south end, far side of the bridge, on the east side. Snuck down there looking for hoppers, and discover to my delight those Xakra silkworms are down there too. Can you say “Shadeling silk” ? So I wasted each one of those I ran across as well as hoppers, and after 20 mins or so collected three hides.

Turned them in, and got a more difficult assignment. I’m asked to brew 2 Sweetwater Flasks; this is made with two nodrop items found in, you guessed it, the crater. Trivial is 45.
And the drops are rare; I need the Xakra bile from the silkworms, which is rare, and also scorpion blood which is not.

I’m a long way from 15 and access to the Abysmal Sea to get free brewing to 54. But it turns out the third quest expects you to be level 10 anyway, so I guess I should put this one on hold.

Managed to get two Xakra biles, and 5 scorpion bloods. The worms must spawn when you kill other creatures, like the beetles, because eventually no more worms spawned so I took the hint and left for the night. I think I’ll keep hunting the creatures until I get no further XP, and see how many of the components I can end up with. The shadeling silk will be invaluable. Oh, and I also gathered maybe 30 shadeling silks, which I wasn’t able to sell as I was falling asleep. Don’t have enough money for a trader bag. Nobody responded to my tell.

I had an absolute blast playing Tez; screw any nonsense about “he’s the alt”, I’m probably running him tonight. Following through on quests is pretty cool, assuming you are tough enough to do it (ex : Hammer) 🙂


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