Posted by: mrrx | July 10, 2004


Hammerbreaker :Ding 43, 0%. Thought I should move on to where people were grouping, so ran Hammer out to Gunthak and tanked all night. Grouped up with guildies – there were a fair number of them on tonight for once, which is pretty cool. Stood on the left beach, where the mobs are a bit fewer and people apparently tend to congregate.

Afterwards went to the bazaar and bought a new chestpiece – Architect’s Bejeweled Chestplate. Probably the best chestplate I’ll ever be able to buy this side of 100k plat. Still had money left over and did not see other pieces which would be really helpful, so I logged.

Also, managed to get to 200 defense skill.

Hatereaper :Grrr. Down to 0% XP – fell and died while running through Neriak. Neriak is annoying – I couldn’t figure out how to get around and ran into another weird “Fall to your death from 20 feet up” bug. At least corpse recovery, and summoning it, got me out of there.

Anyway, got him started on his adventure stone. Moved him into Butcherblock and need to get to the camp to get his stone.


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