Posted by: mrrx | July 9, 2004


Hammerbreaker :75% XP toward 43. Continued to hunt Tundra Kodiaks. This is one of the few times Hammer can get both XP, and go after a particular drop. Might as well have him keep at this until he has enough HQ Tundra Kodiak Pelts for my alts.

The zone suits me right now. It’s cold, lonely, sometimes visibility is very low, huge and empty. Couldn’t get a group either, not that I tried real hard. It’s a shame it’s so much effort to get here and back; I’d like to have Hammer go to the bazaar and see what he can buy, he has a boatload of money now thanks to all that bazaar action. Ah, tuna & crab make me smile.

After getting a message that a ringwar was starting in this zone decided I better log him.

Bonebank :Ding 9, then 10. First ran around in Butcherblock going after money for spells. Met a nice 40ish player who tanked yellow mobs for me and helped me get some green goblin items. Thanks bud 🙂 . Too bad he didn’t get into an LDON like he was wanting too. Eventually, I had 80 plat and was halfway to 10.

Next ran into the Plane of Knowledge library, bought spells, and set out to grab a few others which are not sold there. Cruised to Shadowhaven and after a lot of confusion, gave up trying to find the vendor there; the same shielding spell was also on sale in the Bazaar. Then went over to Echo Caverns where the evil vendors are, and picked up a nice pet-buffing spell. This stuff will be nice once I get to 12.

Memmed the Shielding and Gate spells, and headed off to Paludal. I went the other way around as usual, and entered through Shadeweaver’s Thicket. Several bugs & shrooms later I hit 10 and logged off.

The Dark Pact spell does encourage different tactics. I hit the mobs more with DOTs and did less meleeing. Tried not to melee at all in fact, though I wasn’t successful.

One interesting thing : The longer you sit, the faster health regens. It doesn’t go faster when you have a DOT on you, and apparently Dark Pact counts. But the timer on how much you regen apparently keeps going even though you have a DOT on you. So in other words, if I cast the spell and sit down, I regen a tiny bit and mana regen goes much faster. After I click it off or it wears off, suddenly my HP regen goes a lot faster. Pretty cool.



  1. with posts like this how long before we give up the newspaper?!!

  2. Now there’s a funny spammer comment. Problem is it took him 2 1/2 years to make it.

    I’m leaving this one, even though I removed his URL which was his reason to make the spam comment anyway 🙂 .

  3. Hah! I have been tempted to allow some of the silly spam comments through as well, removing the URLs of course, just for the humor or absurdity they would bring.

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