Posted by: mrrx | July 7, 2004

The Joy of Paludal

Tezcatlipocca :Ding 3, plus a little XP. Wasted many of those spiders in Gloomingdeep and gathered a bunch of silk. Has several cloth pieces just like Hue.

The shaman are stopped until Bonebank reaches 10. Ah, I can’t decide which one I really want to play, so I’ll play both. Then again, who am I kidding? Look how many characters I have; does it really make sense to play *2* shaman? Bah, inspiration will strike at some point.

Also created a bazaar mule and got her into the Bazaar.

Bonebank :Ding 7, 33% towards 8. XP’ed for awhile in Qeynos Hills still, and then started thinking about it. Even at 6, isn’t Paludal possible? Or at least Shadeweavers ?

So ran him out to Shadeweavers and tried to fight there. After almost getting killed running into a red-con skeletal thug, and losing my pet, figured it made more sense to go into Paludal.

Started after the bugs in the entry tunnel. Managed to aggro 6 of them at once, zoned, lost pet again, and another rusty weapon. I think if you aggro a roamer, you aggro everything nearby, while if you aggro a sitter, you aggro nothing else. So I went back in, and moved up to the first cave, with that little lake. There fought bugs and mushrooms until logging off.

I was able to take on blue cons, some easy, some very difficult, and white cons with blue adds were also doable. Wow, this is powerful stuff – get pet, give it a weapon, DOT the mob, sit & watch, before pet gets killed move in and melee.

And the funny thing is I’m better off getting hurt, than using a lot of mana. Mana regen is much slower than health. So as long as he’s going to stay alive I let him melee. Good XP from both sensate reishi sprouts, and white con muck diggers. Did have downtime after each one though, while I healed up and regened my mana, but the XP is more than worth it. Like 3-6% per kill, versus 1% in Qeynos Hills. Wow! What a difference!

And I need levels – the best way to get money for gear, is to level up. Get better loot and don’t worry too much about low level stuff. My gear, obviously, being broke and friendless, is pathetic on this server.

That’s not to say don’t pick up everything and sell it (horrors! Leaving money laying around like some players?), just not to worry in the slightest about farming items at this level.

But that’s part of the reason I started a new character, on a new server; to start from scratch and see how that goes. I’m very grateful to my bud who gave me all that stuff to twink Hammer, and really believe that made me stick with the game. Now that I know it very well, the idea of having to really earn everything is very appealing. And the necro is definitely getting to be a lot of fun.



  1. your block of character is outstanding!

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