Posted by: mrrx | July 5, 2004

Tough Quest – Garadain’s Axe

Hammerbreaker : Now 55% XP. Started the night trying out the Ring Quest #2. This involves giving a special axe to a dwarf in the Eastern Wastes. You then have to keep him alive until the Rabid Tundra Kodiak spawns. Once this bear spawns, you have to kill it, hopefully really quickly and before the dwarf kills it, and loot some quest item. Take this item & hand it back to Garadain Glacierbane.

Keeping him alive is the hard part. Like one or two hits, and he’s toast. He’s like a level 3 warrior dropped into a 40-50th level zone. Plus he’ll go charging right after tough mobs like frost giants.

So I looked for help and a 50th level enchanter and I decided to give it a try. Gave him the axe, and he declared he was going to get the Tundra Kodiak. I went ahead to try and check for mobs in the way, with the enchanter sticking close. The stupid dwarf ran up to an Orc and got killed real quick.

OK, no big deal. Next we figured we’d go clear the path for him first – two big frost giant sentries will get attacked by the little guy and waste him. Kill them, and run back to his spot and try it that way. Problem was we aggroed two mobs on our way to the giants; they almost killed us both. I took one down and ran when the other got me to 25% health. Enchanter gated out.

Clearly, I need a couple things to make this work – 3 or 4 person group, well balanced; higher level on my part, like 46; and very high level help to make it work. 50+ friends hopefully. It’d be great if I could get my 65 pally friend, a former guildie w/ a 65 shaman, and a cleric. That kind of group should have no problem.

So we finished the night by XP’ing. I didn’t want to offend my buddy, but I think it went slower because we were grouping. What a laugh – it takes longer to *med up* than it does for me to sit down and heal up. Not to mention he wanted to take on frost giant scouts, whereas I think things like the snow dervishes, tundra kodiaks, orcs, etc, are a lot smarter to kill. Plan to be LFG and gaining levels for now.

Hatereaper :Ding 15 – squashed enough bugs finally. 9% XP. Bought spells and got situated there, then moved back to Neriak to get my Adventurer stone. Had to log.

Y’know, he forgot to check & see if he gets any new skills.

Littleoak :Ding 9. Beating up on skeletons in Shadeweaver’s Thicket. Hand to hand at the time I quit – got chloroblast and other great buffs from a passing high-level druid.

Created Huehueteotl, Ogre shaman. Which one am I going to like? Just play them both! If it’s such a struggle to choose between one or the other, heck, just see how far you get playing them in tandem.

Huehueteotl hit level 3 by the time I logged for the night, with a fully charged kobold skull charm.

What a stable of alts I have now. Goal check :
Bloodskull – He’s lonely and unplayed.
Bravestone – Get to 20 and new spells.
Hatereaper – Get adventurer’s stone, then travel to Unrest.
Hammerbreaker – Need levels, XP in Eastern Wastes.
Littleoak – Fight away in Shadeweavers.
Woundbane – Get to 32 and retry TOFS.
Bonebank – Fight in Qeynos Hills until no XP, then Paludal.
Huehueteotl & Tezcatlipoca – Ding 3. Hue is there. They need to stay behind Bonebank as he’s the main.


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