Posted by: mrrx | July 4, 2004

Bug Squashing

Bravestone :Ding 19. End the night with 5% XP. Ran around in the yard in Unrest for a little while, looking for good mobs. The only thing which is not light blue is a ghoul, obviously pulled out of the house earlier. Time to go into the house for him. As a paladin, he can probably handle emptying the house much better than Woundbane but I suppose we’ll have to see.

Hatereaper :Ding 14. 55% XP. Squashed, yet more bugs.

Once 15 I will have him use a one-hander and a shield, his 1-hand skills are far too low. His skills are 40ish with two-handers, and less than 10 with one handers. Piercing keeps jumping up, at around 50 right now too. So had Bizharre buy him a one-hand blunt, and a shield, in the bazaar. Once he banks again he’ll start using it.

Paludal isn’t such a crazy, irritating place if you just solo in it. There’s a fair number of other players squashing bugs and mushrooms, and though I got a few group requests, I turned them down gracefully. No training, no KSing, just grinding out the XP which definitely works at this stage. It also gives me practice on the roleplay of a hateful person – kind of fun!


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