Posted by: mrrx | July 2, 2004

More alts ?

Bonebank :Ding 5, then 6 with 0%. Laid waste to many spiders and rats in Gloomingdeep, and took down the spider tamer kobold as well. Tactics were the same as with my shadowknight – hit with a DOT (Damage over time) and melee. Didn’t bother with a pet as damage was minimal, and low level is the time to get Defense Skill points.

After getting level 5, discovered that Necros get new spells at level *4*, and so ran off to buy new spells, and said goodbye to Gloomingdeep. Went into the Qeynos Hills and attacked bats, rats and wolves, on my way to Blackburrow. Took down a few gnolls but they are still pretty tough at my level, without a pet. Didn’t mess with a pet as I kept zoning in and out. Ultimately got to level 6.

Tactics are a bit different. I can see using the pet now, especially if staying in the same zone for awhile. I have several DOTs I can use on mobs, and they go down fast with clinging darkness, disease cloud, and poison cloud on them. Could hit them with this, the pet tanks, and I stay safe. Still, deliberately meleeing as low level is the last time I’ll probably be able to. I’m pretty safe with all this cloth armor I’m wearing.

Need to check – I don’t believe I am yet trained in Meditate.

Started a new character, Tezcatlipocca, a Vah Shir Shaman. Saw the beginning of the tutorial for the first time; an easy way to start, that’s for sure. Kill a kobold jailor and wow, you are level 2. I need to decide if I keep him though, I may have not used his stats efficiently.


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