Posted by: mrrx | July 1, 2004

Alteration Specialist

Woundbane : Went down to Crushbone. Hung out in the hallway and healed maybe 4 or 5 lowbies. Then discovered, they all left or didn’t need me, like the human monk who regened 10% of his health per tick.

Sheesh, ya try not to waste your healing talents and look what you get.

So instead I spent the rest of the night (well, short session) in the PoK healing myself. When someone wandered in with less than full health I healed them instead. Eventually, achieved a skill of 51 in Specialize:Alteration.

What’s next for him ? I suppose simple leveling, to 32 maybe. I still want to run through Tower of Frozen Shadow, but I’m clearly too low at this point to hang out outside of it; IE, to deal with the Shadow Guardians.


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