Posted by: mrrx | May 28, 2004

Still Baking

Short session. Hammer did more baking, and after 350 patty melts has 190 baking skill.

Next step is a GoD recipe for beer-based tuna and crab – This will bring me to my goal of 201 baking. But the subcombine for this is beer-batter, which requires sugar, and that is expensive at 5-6 gp each. OK. So the subcombine is brewing and trivials at 95, so this means I want a skill of about 95 so failures are minimized.

Enter brewing gnomish spirits. This recipe could bring my brewing skill to 102, and all components are purchasable. The only snag is this requires rat ears, which can only be purchased in East Commonlands. So I need to run another character to East Commons, buy rat ears, and get to a bank ASAP.

I did manage to do a batch of 100 gnomish spirits before the end of the night, and brewing skill jumped around 8 points to 86. Next chance I get I will have to work this a bit farther.

Also got a difficult additional point in Alc Tol at last, now at 181. This really slows down at high levels; my typical method of take a drink when no booze in my system isn’t giving me much. I sat down & drank 5 ales one after another – and did this a couple times, which netted me an additional skillup. It’s nice to see the effect a high skill gives you – I was no longer drunk after like 5 minutes, unlike early levels where it took like 15 or more. Oy vey.

Now brewing all that booze means I have plenty to drink; and I don’t want to sell it as I want to get my Alc Tol maxed. I may have to sit around like a wino for awhile until my stores of booze are gone. Heh, that’d be cool 😉 .

Fighting? What’s that? Haven’t killed anything in two days of playing. What a great game, one where you don’t *have* to kill things to do something cool 🙂 .

Yes, short session. But long entry.


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