Posted by: mrrx | May 27, 2004


Tonight, it was just Hammerbreaker. Made 720 patty melts to bring baking up pretty high.

After you do this for an hour, you either get really bored or you start to kind of hallucinate and fantasize. I started to smell the bear meat cooking on the grill; felt the cheese slices in my hands as I carefully laid them on top of the grilled meat; heard the knife slicing up the bread as I placed the patty into its bun.

Yeah, I know. You try clicking the same button 700+ times, then clicking up to two other times afterwards.

In any event, baking is at 186. Those next five points might be pretty hard, it’s difficult to say – only got two with the final 120 patty melts.

Also drank another stack of ale. Alcohol tolerance did not budge an inch. Grrrr. Still trying to get that to 200, but it seems stuck at 180. Maybe I should just get blind drunk and see if that helps – and just how long it takes to become un-drunk 🙂 .


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