Posted by: mrrx | May 26, 2004

Many small victories

Littleoak : Dinged 6. A passing high-level gave him thorns and regenerate, so he was taking on red rats and wiping them out. There is a large group of stationary red cons just south of the entrance to rivervale, and a half hour there netted him a level plus more XP.

Bravestone : Got into Unrest and discovered a guild powerleveling some of its low-level members. They had all the mobs that I’d be going after, so I logged him. Disappointing, but I did the right thing which is to leave the area to the guys who were there first.

I did stand next to them and tried to make conversation, but rats, they didn’t invite me into their group 🙂 .

Hammerbreaker : Baking tonight – Attempted 200 patty melts. That costs a lot of money – in the neighborhood of 15 plat after selling the finished goods back. It’s still a good recipe because all the components can be bought in one place, and should take me to 191 skill eventually. Managed to get up to around 148 skill. This will be costly, but I’m determined.

Woundbane : Win #3 in Mistmoore LDON. Damn, that was a piece of cake – we had everything collected after about 25 minutes of play. Took longer to set up than to win the adv.

Just after we get the win, I went linkdead – lost my connection to Sony’s computers. I didn’t get back on until around an hour later, and one groupmember was on. I asked him what happened and he told me everyone got killed.

I don’t get it! How can that happen ? We had won the adventure, and the others wanted to keep going for XP, as they just kept pulling more creatures and wasting them. I stood ready to heal, and did heal some. They were going after it very hard and being sloppy. And yet after I’m gone, they must have just KEPT GOING, never mind that they’re missing a healer.

At least I hope so – maybe I got them killed. One thing a cleric never wants to do is get people killed. I’m agonizing over this a bit, torn between wondering if I got them killed, or if they were just sloppy and got too many mobs in a rush for XP. The balancing factor is I got no money at all. Eh, I don’t know.


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