Posted by: mrrx | May 25, 2004

First Post

This is the previous version of my character journal.

Skillups last night; 2HB went up about 4 points beating on Erandi Natasu. Got a friendly mage I’d never met (Marenna) to summon me a bunch of bandages for this task. Also added around 15-20 points to bind wound ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Erandi is the only usable NPC for skillups. Too bad because he beats on me hard.
Igok in Innothule = Green
Anlut Heavenfall = Nerfed
Shady Merchant = Can’t seem to swing at him
Izera N’Karr = can’t find her

Fished up to 35.

Tackled my first LDON. It was pretty fun, and fairly easy, I did not know if we selected easy med or hard. I went through the mobs like a hot knife through butter, and skilled my 2HB up substantially. That’s it, I’m not worrying about most skillups anymore.

Need to fire off arrows and get archery up a bit still, 3 just doesn’t cut it.

Afterwards hunted Gulf of Gunthak with guildies, good grouping & good exp. Never seen the zones needed to get there before. The Warrens looks like fun for a low-lvl, or me for faction w/Erudites as I’m still KOS. Stonebrunt might be a fun place to hunt, and Gunthak is good hunting with the group.

Baking quest = made up through the list of steaks. Seems there is some question if you can actually fish a sewer catfish, so I’m not going to worry about that at the moment. Not to mention Firiona Vie looks too difficult to move around in with all those blue & yellow spiders running around. Raptor steaks are also undone.

Could not hook up with a party for RL and guild reasons and so barely moved on XP, but am now 1 yellow from 31. Beating up the uber kobolds who are blue, and killing greens while I heal. The kobold king might drop something cool so I’ll keep after him.

2HB moved to 67. No luck finding useful 1HB weapons.

Tonight finally got a half decent 1HB, Brell’s Keg Popper. So with this and my walrus tooth I can skill up 1HB and piercing. Need to try this tonight.

2HB skilled to 72. Crawled towards level 31. Guildies took on Wurms in Great Divide, but for whatever reason the XP was lousy. Probably they are too high level, half the group was 40. Didn’t help we got three wurms once & almost a TPW.

Fired as many arrows as I could manage. Got *zero* skillups. Need to get a better bow.

Followed some high-level chars through the Warrens tonight. I mean, I’m in no danger there and can kill anything I want, but these guys one-hit killed the kobolds while still running. Then they didn’t loot anything, so I became maximum encumbered & ended up with 50 plat in 30 minutes. Woot! Easiest money I ever made.

Now level 31. 2HB skilled to 76. Factioned to Threat with Erudites. Beat up on named Kobolds for awhile and then (with guildies) skeletons in the Dreadlands, which looks like another good zone for adventuring.

Guildies were really fun tonight. Each of us took a stack of summoned ale and fought drunk, it was fun. Plus my alcohol tolerance increased all the way to 91.

Installed a custom UI named Tking. Looks pretty nice, functional, and no bad features. Still would like one with other features, like skill button from main UI, money collected, weight, maybe other stuff.

Did another LDON. Good XP, quick, I probably should do more. Some of these guild groups are getting really slow. Only notable was 2HB skilled up to 82.

Afterward wasn’t sure what to do so ran my slow self over to Highhold Pass and killed Orcs & Gnolls for scalps & faction. Now this is going to be a bit involved and irritating.

First, I am dubious and need to get better faction so I can turn in scalps. OK. But, the Orcs & Gnolls and the way they spawn seem guaranteed to assure 1) no single pulls, and 2) guards come and KS. And for more craziness, haven’t seen a gnoll scalp, so may only be able to turn in Orc scalps. But the gnolls give better faction help, both Guards and East Karana residents.

There are named Orcs who are light blue; hope I see a lot of them. Also Kithicor forest has one corner with a bunch of Orcs that increase Guard faction, I may want to check them out.

In any event I think I’m going to spend a lot of time in this area on faction work.

Faction. Faction faction faction.

No guild action was going on Friday, and the weekend was light, so worked on nothing but faction. Hammer killed a bunch of Highhold Orcs and Gnolls, and got to the point he can talk to the guards there, whereupon I set out to collect as many orc scalps as possible.

Sunday night managed to turn in about 100 for apprehensive faction with Highhold guards. Need to check just how good that puts me in with Corrupt guards.

Before killing any more orcs need to see if I can get into Neriak to the exterminator. If so, I can kill Orcs which damage Indigo Brotherhood faction, and repair the damage by being an exterminator and killing rats in Neriak. Faction is complicated isn’t it ๐Ÿ™‚

Woundbane killed enough orcs in Crushbone to level up to 10. A cleric is a blast – heal people and sit and med, and they’re always thanking you for helping them, so I just asked for every orc scalp they would give. Still need to get him into my guild.

Bloodskull got created and made level 2 – woot! Tense fight with An Armadillo resulted in a win with 1 hp left. Honestly was fun. He will be doing his newbie armor quests and be a soloer.

Unfortunately, accomplished little tonight.

Woundbane is now a guild member of NWO.

Bloodskull made level 3 and continues looking for newbie armor components.

Woundbane now knows how to meditate. Silly me, I didn’t know medding was an actual *skill* received from your trainer; apparently if you sit and open your spell book mana regen goes faster, depending on skill in meditate.

Hammerbreaker killed frost giants tonight, after making the run out of Highhold Pass. Worked my crappy weapon skills, now Piercing = 3, Archery = 5, and 1HB = 15. 2HB stays at 83. That’s still pathetic though isn’t it? Well, once the total needed for 100 in each of these is less than my trainer points, I’ll just train them up.

Ground through another 20% xp, now 70% to lvl 32. Plus helped guildies get toes and heads for the shawl quest. Y’know, I’ll want to do that myself in a few levels, if they’re still hunting them tonight I’ll have to join in.

Just Gunthak tonight, with Hammer. Spent about 2 hours there and dinged 32. Was with powerful guildies so I worked my bad weapons, and am I glad I did ! 1HB = 41, Piercing = 16, Archery = 6. Got four 1HB skillups on a single Troll Zombie. Wish I had remembered to check how many training points I have available, ah well. If I hunted in Gunthak maybe 5 more times I’d have them all at 100.

The camp is on the beach, just to the south of the west tunnel. If you stay on the wall there a single skeleton will pop & annoy you, but otherwise you are out of aggro range & can safely pull.

Too bad night’s end didn’t go too well. As we were running out hugging the wall invisibility faded on our shaman, and he got stuck fighting a zombie. I waited for an evac order as our leader Merlya is usually excellent about that, but she gave us none. One by one we all went down. She ended up invising, dragging us back to the lighthouse, and organizing a rez. An almost wasted hour (Swimming now 88). Oh, and the water is defintely safe, nothing tried to kill me. Next time, I run/swim when my gut tells me too.

I now have 750 pp banked. But my Darkwater Pearl’s lowest bazaar price was 1100 pp. Now waiting for the magic price of 900; I will bet I can borrow some plat from somebody if it hits that level.

Pfft, some jokers were selling Orc Scalps at 10 pp each. Hahahaha. I’m willing to buy at 1 plat only, they’re easy to either farm or collect with Woundbane, who as a goody-two-shoes is working Crushbone hard.

Woundbane grouped in Crushbone for awhile and leveled to 11. Got a few scalps; also turned in several Crushbone belts, they’re not kidding about how much XP you get from them, the XP is great at the level.

It was a good group, we took out Emporer Crush, and I just barely kept MT alive casting heal after heal until OOM.

Bloodskull hunted unsuccessfully for Long Lizard Tails, and Large Snake Skins. “Tree Snake” I looked everywhere for and could not find. And the Lizardman camps, I took out a Forager successfully who was white, but got killed twice by yellows.

Hammer did one LDON, and couldn’t get a group so wandered down to Mistmoore. Killed some of the entrance mobs, some green some lt blue. Was going to hook up with a guildie cleric (perfect team!) and run through but I fell asleep at my desk, ha ha ha. Got some ‘splaining to do to him tonight.

Woundbane did well, leveled to 12 and collected another stack of scalps. Fought in the throne room in Crushbone. His alteration skill is getting really high, it may be maxed for his level. I love playing a cleric – Heal Heal Heal Heal. Forgot to ask for Clarity a couple of times, heh. But when I got it I couldn’t cast fast enough to use the mana – now that is cool as heck :).

Bloodskull collected items for the Ruthless armor. He got his bracer, and has maybe 9 spiderling silks for the next item. I want a dozen before I start combining them in the loom, cause I know he will fail. Got killed a whole bunch of times by the spiders. Maybe I should level him then get the silks, and in the meantime find a wolf for a ruined pelt for the newbie armor.

Hammer : 2HB = 90. And I finally checked, I have 94 training points available, so I need about 150 skill increases before I’m ready to train. Maybe I should train all the crappy skills to 20 right away; that way they cost no plat. This is a tough one to pull off!

Assisted a guild member in getting his Alchemy trophy; spent an hour looking in PoK for a black sapphire. Eventually we found it and he got it :).

Also hooked up with Thivanth (Cleric) and moved deeper into Mistmoore. Ended up following a high-level enchanter and made it to the graveyard entrance. The scuttlebutt is right, this is one tough zone. We left after an hour or so, figuring a 6-person party is needed, but got good faction and another 10% or so XP.

Was unable, again, to get into an LDoN group.

Bloodskull : Only played for a few minutes, but dinged 4th level. Finally found one long lizard tail too :). Now maybe he can take on those stupid spiderlings and live to tell the tale.

Hammer : Did an LDON which took a long time. Guildies got a group of five ready, with #5 being a guy who got LDON but never got his stone for this alt character. We decided to wait. About an hour later, we started up. Next time, we leave him, that just took too long.

LDON was a success and got a +3 CR augment. 1HB = 42, piercing = 19, 2HB still 90.

I have got to get someone to help me bring archery up, or it will never get to a decent level. Maybe a high-level character who can root/snare, deal with a red-to-me mob, and a boatload of summoned/purchased arrows. At this point, I’m ready to pay for this privilege. Stupid ring is out of reach, probably be useless once I get it.

If I could do that with archery, another 40 points among the other three would make em all trainable to 100. Since they’re all nearly 20 or above, I’m going to wait to train them. Don’t want to spend em in the wrong category and regret it; money can come anytime.

Dinged level 33. Disarm is coming up.

Woundbane did some short XP’ing in crushbone. Bloodskull picked up a few additional spiderling silks. Neither got significant playtime, since there was nobody in crushbone at 1 am and because I almost dozed off running Bloodskull.

Hammer : Real accomplishments tonight. Did two LDoN’s, won both-a collection, and an assassination. The assassination was not as difficult as I would have imagined. We completed it in time, one person got killed, we had fun, and we had really jelled as a group. Didn’t get anything nice but ah well.

Now the collection didn’t go quite as well. We had a 7-8 mob pull that killed two. This was just after puller says “So, should I pull a few extra?” and got no response that I could see. One of the dead was our ML, and none of the rest of us looted the corpses – they rotted. Bet they had a couple of eyes on em. Then we got the mage killed later.

As always, I had a tough time holding everything’s aggro and taunting things off support characters. I dunno, maybe all this talk about holding 3+ mobs aggro is just talk, all I can manage is two. Eventually, we won it, and got a stack of plats. Sure was a learning experience, and I can’t complain too much as I didn’t die.

90% xp, almost 35. Got Piercing to 28 holding it in my off-hand. I’ve also maxed double attack at 170, and got Kick to 118. Had to remove my bash button so I could remember to kick :).

Woundbane : Did some more grouping in Crushbone, random heals & scalp collecting. Scored – got 19 scalps :). Plus several crushbone belts which I need to turn in. Bloodskull rested tonight.

Bloodskull is now a twink. My pal Galadreal gave me a bunch of stuff and so I’ve abandoned his newbie quests. I think I’ll kill lizards and bears until he’s strong enough to get into Paludal and then go for leveling madness. The thing he doesn’t have is a decent weapon, but I want to wait until this character can get his own plat to buy something in the bazaar. Who knows, maybe he’ll find something better in the meantime than various rustys.

Hammer didn’t fight but did manage to get two proccing weapons in the bazaar. Plan to see if these will help him hold multiple aggros a bit better. Tonight Woundbane rested.

Hammer made 34. One to go to disarm. Beat up on the Tae Ew in the Feerott, and that was a lot of fun. The only problem is I apparently went there too late, too many of them are green now and thus not worth whacking. 2HB now 94, piercing 33. I’d like to get a cleric and get the basilisks in Jaggedpine now, but was unable to last night, will try again tonight. Taking them on by myself got me killed with no rez.

I logged after fishing for awhile in the Abysmal sea. This is great, you can make good money this way. Maybe that’s all I’ll do tonight. I banked about 50 plat with minimal effort.

Woundbane dinged 14; need to pick up his new spells tonight. Turned in a bunch of Crushbone belts to get 13, and got into a powerleveling group to 14 in Paludal Caverns. Also, managed to collect a bunch of additional scalps by running around healing random people. I really enjoy doing that.

Bloodskull broke up a few lizard camps in the Feerott and got close to 5th level.

Hammer : Fish fish and more fish. Saltwater Crabs & Tuna. Jabber away with the people on the docks. Make a ton of money – about 1200 plat banked right now. Alc Tol about 102, Fishing about 85 (the updater, apparently, only works when you zone which I didn’t do all night).

Probably do the same thing with Hammer tonight; would be nice to get fishing maxed. I can buy 250 bait, fish it all away, and still have inventory space to spare, and that’s WITH keeping the junk like daggers and sandals :).

Woundbane : Bought a bunch of spells just before collapsing into sleep ๐Ÿ™‚ . I’ll have to learn & sort through them tonight. Bloodskull retrieved his +2 Dex vendor-found ring.

Woundbane bought all his spells for level 14. Then ran him into Unrest and fought there solo for awhile. It’s tough to solo a Cleric, even in an undead dungeon! Kept trying to root & nuke, then ran out of mana after each mob. Finished up with my amazing summoned hammer, which has bane undead damage, but 3/4 of the mobs were the Death Beetles, which are animals.

It was nice, a passing high-level temped me and gave me clarity. Made about 40% towards level 15. Eventually had to log out as a ghoul (white con) was there, and when I took him on I couldn’t hurt him so I had to zone. Hopefully tonight I’ll get a group in there.

Looted one pristine beetle carapace. I think I’m going to turn these in for the quest, get the scarab beetle breastplate, and turn it in for tribute points. Each shield gives 10 tribute, is not lore, and sells to vendors for like 2-3 plat. If I can make a stack of em I’ll be able to check out the tribute system. Plus, that can be added to his list of completed quests ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Maxed channeling and meditate @ 75. A lot of combat skillups too since I had to fight to finish off most of the mobs. Clearly I need a better weapon.

Bloodskull dinged level 5. He’s well twinked all right – took out yellow con Lizard Man Mystics with no problem at all. Hammer took the night off.

This is the day I dreaded. They nerfed the fishing in the Abysmal sea. Tuna and crab, which used to sell for approx 5gp/lb, now sell for 1cp/lb. Little point to selling them to vendors now.

So instead Hammer fished up a bunch and turned em in for tribute. 1 tribute per 2 lbs. Got 500 tribute points this way; then ran around Oggok grabbing crude steins from dead guards and turning them in too. Some dingdong Ogre player was killing them all; what’s up with that? Kill your own townspeople? Whatever dude.

One fun side effect of the nerf; you can vendor mine for super cheap tribute points. 10 lb tuna costs about 1sp at a vendor, and nets 5 tribute points when turned in. Heh.

Did two adventures in Rujarkian Hills, both collects, and both succeeded. The look of these dungeons is much nicer, and both adventures were easy, even when we got several adds. Got a +3 magic resist aug too. Fishing now 94 and piercing 45. Halfway to level 35.

Hammer. Fished. Fished fished fished. Then fished some more. Carried so much fish a tiny fall caused 60 damage. Hope it was worth the trouble – I now have around 1800 tribute points available to spend. Oh, and fishing skilled up to 119.

It turns out the Abysmal Sea is basically a tradeskill zone. Each skill has a beginner quest, which you can do to to raise your skill up to about 54. I think you also get some kind of simple reward, and several recipes. I think every container is on the boat, and some of the obvious supplies. Pretty cool, I’ll have to check it out thoroughly someday.

I’m doing the jewelry quest with Glirina. Yeah, I know, what is Hammer doing jewelry for? Well, I saw another character doing this and talked to their NPC, and it was the jewelry one. I’m going to stick to it just so I can add another completed quest to his list. Jewelry now 23.

I’m not sure, but I think I’m going to have him do all of them. He obviously should do the fletching, baking & brewing ones. For better or worse, my dumb Ogre is the one with the motivation to do tradeskills.

Then while you’re sitting there skilling this stuff, you hear NPC’s jabbering on about something. Some of it’s clearly atmosphere, like “I’ll have another ale please”. Some of it might be important or interesting. I’ll have to pay attention the next time I work the tradeskills.

Hammer : Dinged 35. Halfway to 36.

Did four LDON’s over the weekend. Managed to get my first failure; Friday I was recruiting people and somebody in Plane of Knowledge had his LFG tag on – and he’s a cleric! Invited him, and built the rest of the group.

Then just as we entered the dungeon, he disbands or logs off. What a dweeb. We wandered around and killed a few things, then went back for another one which was a success.

Did two last night as well, and managed to get a Gore-Slimed Cloak for my troubles. I’m going to give it to Woundbane. It’s got a recommended level 30 unfortunately, but it’s certainly better than a fungal fiend membrane cape. And the thing is worth 1600 tribute points if I want to turn it in. Certainly won’t yet, as I haven’t spent any points from my fishing expedition yet.

Tonight I need to do one more. Then, I’ll have 10 successes in Mistmoore, and hopefully my adventurer’s stone will do something. Like give 2-3 +1’s.

Woundbane : Adventured in Unrest. Got trained to death just as I was decamping. The guy apparently felt bad about it, and it turns out he’s a bard and was kiting the creatures in the yard.

Now, I’d never seen kiting before, but this guy does it really well, and man it was fun to watch. He got like 20 creatures following him and kept hitting them with DOT’s. Took awhile but they would suddenly drop. Dinged 15 just on a little of that. Then I felt bad about leeching and degrouped.

Then got an adventurer stone, ported to Nedaria’s landing, and did the complete newbie tailor quest. One thing is for sure, there’s no point doing those quests if you have many points in the skill already. The only reward is a recipe, other than skillups, and that you can look up on the internet anyway. Too slow to get to the non-trivial point if you have any points. For instance, if your smithing is already 40, you have to run through 400 successful combines BEFORE you start working the skill up.

Afterwards loaded up on bait and made my way to the docks. Woundbane’s fishing has a long way to go, but the tribute effects should be very helpful. Think I’ll stop at one complete inventory full of fish.

Bloodskull keeps getting neglected. Well, he was conceived for soloing when no groups were available, and I’ve had nothing but things to do with the other characters.

Hammer : Dinged 36. Got a great LDON group late at night. We did a hard collect, and that was a great choice. The collect mission only ends when you’ve looted the number of items requested, and we were done so early, we didn’t loot the last one until the adv was about to end. This way, we stayed in the maximum time and got lots of experience.

Also got a great item, Savagefang Bracer. Replaced the Crustacean Bracer.

Bloodskull killed a few lizard men, trained in kick, and is wearing the gore-slimed cloak. Woundbane did some more fishing & practicing spells.

Woundbane : Fished for tribute points for a long time. It turns out you can cast spells while you fish, if you do it this way : Cast, Spell, Spell, catch. Divination is up to 75, and was working abjuration when unexpected news comes along.

My guild is disbanding. It’s a shame really; they’re merging with another guild who I don’t have any knowledge of. Dunno what I’m going to do, join the merged guild or what.

Also, the 5th Everquest anniversay celebration was activated. There’s a scavenger hunt for fun, and skeletons popping up all over the place.

So Hammer logged on for a while, and fought the skeletons. Found a hill and stood on it in ButcherBlock, and for some reason that just drew a million of the idiot green things. I had groups of like 20 of them surrounding me at some points, and wasted em all. Picked up a lot of bone chips.

There are supposed to be tough ones which drop nicer loot but I can’t figure out where they pop in. There are also “Fabled” monsters which show up in a lot of zones and which give nodrop items which are pretty neat. I’d like to go after some of these, but not sure how to get a group together to do it. Maybe I just need to do some research on the items – they are findable via the Lucy database.

Bloodskull rested on this crazy day. Good thing, the Feerott is undoubtedly filled with the skeletons at night.

Woundbane turned in his fish so as to participate in the anniversay celebration. 200 or so tribute points. The rest of the night was spent looking for fabled mobs to kill.

I really want to take down some fabled mobs, and/or loot some of the fabled items. Didn’t have much luck getting them. The Undead Barkeep and Undead Knight in Unrest were camped so I stayed away from them.

Spent hours looking for the elusive “Barnacle Bones” in Dagnor’s Cauldron. He never showed up on track and nobody saw him either. No one seems to know how he spawns, moves around, or where to find him either.

Hammer : Camped Emperor Crush for awhile last night, had him pop 5 times, and was the normal Crush each time. Don’t think he pops as a fabled mob. If he does, we are doing something wrong, like not following the Screaming Mace quests. Did get to kill Fabled Dvinn; he was tough and would have killed my 36 warrior if solo.

Woundbane : Managed to kill Fippy; he was no problem solo. Also looted the Fabled Darkforge Gauntlets from Corflunk in Butcherblock, who someone wasted & left to rot. Nice upgrade there from Splitpaw Gloves.

Woundbane : Picked up a Trooper’s Putrid Belt in Butcherblock. Nice! Especially compared to that AC 1 woven cord item. Spent a lot of additional time running around looking for items & talking about guilds. Very little XP. This character is done until the mad skelly item rush, and fabled mob hunts, are finished.

Bloodskull : Got some XP and now up about 60%. Got Fabled Fippy’s Paw, probably very useful as I don’t think beastlords can use bows. I think I’m going to run him around in Butcherblock and try to beg some of the Skelly items; he sure can’t take on any other Fabled mobs.

Hammerbreaker : One more LDON. Got a Cracked Bone Chest Piece which I donated to Woundbane. Got killed a whole bunch of times. Ran around constantly trying to get that Skelly invasion bow, or any other item, and struck out. Gonna keep trying, there are a lot of neat items available just from the Skellys and I’ve not been successful grouping to go after Fableds. I think I should have him try Unrest though; might be able to be part of a pickup group to take on a Fabled.

Tonight was a shining moment for Hammerbreaker. He got more gear upgrades than any time since he was first created & twinked.

First, camped Emporer Crush again. Guess what? He popped 3 times, twice fabled, and I got the Screaming Mace. The proc is nice, +20 or so to three stats, rumored to last for a long time.

Then while wandering around in PoK ran into another Ogre who had just got his Skeleton-dropped Shortbow of the Fighter. He gave me a useful upgrade to my bow, a Shaped Ashwood Recurve. Nice guy ๐Ÿ™‚ .

And we hunted Skeletons, and boy did I make out like a bandit. Bladecatcher of the Marshall – fast sword with an Ice proc. Steel Rod of the Knight – Great 2 handed blunt with a damage proc. Bone Fragmented Necklace, with a bunch of stats and some more AC. To top it all off, gained some XP as well; usually skeletons = lost XP, but not tonight. Party members both got one, maybe more, nice items.

I have GOT to get them together again tonight. My party was perfect; three of us, tank caster and healer. If we go to the Feerott, or some other mostly-empty zone, we can probably get all 5 commanders to ourselves per game-night. They may even pop two-three times. Nice earrings, boots, and other stuff possible.

Now you can’t expect everything to go perfect. I do believe I left my regeneration tribute effect on all night, even though it wasn’t needed. Have to check tonight and see just how many tribute points I’ve still got.

Bloodskull just dinged level 6. Beastlords are definitely boring to me now; he doesn’t have his beast, and has to grind his way to level 9 without it. Kill lizards, sit and rest, repeat. Obviously sitting & resting for around 10 mins makes it a bit dull. Maybe it’s time for Paludal. On the other hand I’m working his alcohol tolerance with Free Beer ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Hammer & Woundbane had the night off.

The day before though, Hammer burned *500* tribute points using the regen 2 feature. Holy toledo – I forget about it and 1/4 of my points get used up. I dunno if I’m going to continue to use the feature; it took a long time to get that many fish. And on items, even with a perhaps 4:1 penalty, it’s better to have the plat.

Woundbane : Turned in Bone Chips in Kaladim. Now I’ve collected a ton of bone chips and my bank space was getting full; didn’t count but probably around 200 chips. This quest got him to 16 and 1/3 way to 17. Pretty cool, plus a bunch of junk which sold to the vendor. Also on the niceguy factor gave away two items to a naked newb; tried to give him more but he was going into a group.

Hooked up with guildies and managed one game-night of skelly hunting. Got killed twice, but that’s the price of admission for a 16th level. Looted a Dark Shawl of the Lich ๐Ÿ™‚ . Was annoyed that I didn’t have time to get Hammer closer to the action, as a shortbow dropped. Also hoping to get Bloodskull that steel rod.

The plan is to hunt in the Feerott tonight where nobody else hunts. No ninjas, and easy giving of items to alts.

Bloodskull did some XP’ing and got closer to 7. Skeletal Conscripts are dk blue or white to him. He also did a Lizard Doll turn-in quest. Hammer took the night off; not intentionally, did a bunch of moving around of items and deciding what to sell in the Bazaar. Didn’t try selling as they patched during the time I’d log on the trader.

Hammer : Did an LDON and things were going very well. We had 24 of 26 Vampire Fangs collected. Then somehow, somebody clicked the chest in that room and we all died, and I got introduced to the amazing infinite death loop bug.

So had an Acid Spray active on me which killed me. This popped me back into Oggok, with like 1 hp, and the Acid Spray still on. So I died again. And again. And again. Then I Ctrl-alt-del’d and restarted EQ, picked him up and tried to finish anyway. We didn’t manage it.

Began a run out of Oggok but was amazed to find that my corpse was *in Oggok*. I didn’t find out until I was already in the stupid dungeon again; my corpse warped with me back to Oggok for some reason. And I ran and left it there when I was standing *on top* of it. Everything went downhill from there.

After the adv, our very kind cleric went to Oggok and rezzed me, so I got out of it with some XP at least, and experiencing first-hand a bug that is affecting everybody, and driving some people insane. You see, I was fortunate; I logged back on and got control of my character, while others are logging on and their character is still in the infinite death loop.

I only figured this all out today. Hammer didn’t play all weekend as I was so annoyed about this wipe and failure.

Woundbane : 1/2 way to 17 after soloing Unrest for awhile. Then I made the brilliant observation that he can cast Invis to Undead, and so should not fear wandering around during a skeleton invasion (and looting rotting drops!). Now want to get the Dark Hoop, and Dark Shawl from the Skels. Got the Steel ring last night.

Bloodskull : Level 8; getting close to level 9 and finally truly being a beastlord. Got him a dark hoop of necro, and alc tol is around 42 ๐Ÿ™‚ . Gotta love free beer.

The Steel Rod is a great weapon for him, he keeps getting healed by it and managed to take on 5 dk blue skels and lived to tell the tale. Planning to keep him in Feerott, get to level 9, and see if any high-levels leave that skunk hat, cold visor, and steel ring rotting.

I truly have the urge to start additional characters. It might be a good idea, then I could get them the neat Skel drops before they are gone forever. Ah, hard to decide. So many possible chars; nowhere near enough time to play them all.

Hammer got his Cold Visor. All three of em are still looking for hoops & rings. Collected a mountain of bone chips which Woundbane will soon be turning in. Everybody got a smidge of XP only.

Hammer could not get into an LDON in about 15 mins so he gave up & wasted a million skeletal conscripts instead. That really is a lot of fun. Between having 20-30 of them attacking, and looting while getting whacked to keep corpses from rotting, they got him down to 60% or so by the time the last one got wasted.

Short session tonight. Bloodskull made it from 20% xp to 100% and attained level 9; bought his two pet spells available at 9. Need to find out how to buy the rest of them – they are not for sale at the Beastlord spell vendor.

Did some hunting in the Feerott, but it got slow, especially during the day with no conscripts to fight. So I thought I’d take him to Paludal, and made it to Shadeweavers thicket. That’s when I discovered this is a great place for him to XP and farm; shades and silkworms for Swirling Shadows and Shadeling Silks. Skeletal hunters for XP. Got a bunch of these items and will probably keep going, as these are said to sell very well in the bazaar.

Woundbane turned in bone chips, and is much richer and closer to level 17. Hammer took the night off; although I did get a method to compare gear figured out and decided to change his 1HS weapons. We’ll see how it works out in use.

Hammer : Guildies grouped and took me to Gunthak. Managed to ding 37, but the group fell apart around 11:30 – had just made the level. Man, we are slow getting these things started – I think we took 45 mins just to get the group together. But we pulled it off.

The rest of the night was spent bazaaring. My trader is running today & will hopefully have sold a bunch of stuff by tonight.

Hammer got a sliver of XP. We tried grouping in Nadox this time, and something went wrong and we wiped. The recovery took like an hour and the group broke up after that.

Woundbane – Ding 17. 25% to 18. Got a simple group going which made things go well, and even without one 3% per kill is nothing to sneeze at.

It’s clear he needs a better weapon. This 2HB he has is way too slow. Might be a good idea to get a fabled screaming mace at the very least.

Woundbane : Ding 18. Now he needs to leave Unrest for a few levels (21 perhaps), so I moved him over to Crushbone. The plan is to get a fabled screaming mace, with XP and items as a bonus. He can collect belts, shoulderpads, and beads for his own XP, and orc scalps for Hammerbreaker.

Hammer rested. Created Flametongue, a Froglok wizard, and got a good look around the Frog town. The newbie quest deal is pretty cool, he’s already at 50% xp without casting a single spell. Need to find a lore book (lore as in story) within the swamp and hand it in in the Lorekeeper’s pit. Even better, need to hang around and get rotting Skel Commander drops.

Bloodskull finished up his Beastlord spells, and moved back to Shadweavers for farming. And I finally got to use my bear; boy was that cool. Tell it to go and kill something, and it does so with gusto ! And I can fight next to it, and we hardly got hurt while earning 10%.

Woundbane got his Fabled Screaming Mace. Up to 26% XP, even after dying a couple times. A weird thing happened in Crushbone; I had Fabled Dvinn attacking me and ready to kill me. A 55+ char powerleveling a friend of his helped me out by casting some kind of a spell – didn’t see what it was because I was killed immediately.

When I came to after dying, I had more XP than before I’d died. Somehow I had killed Fabled Dvinn, and it must have been a spell effect that did it.

Then another powerleveling duo came in and killed Fabled Crush, and didn’t want the mace. I didn’t get a throne room group at any point; how long is it going to take to get to 21 there with no groups? And I create a cleric so I could always get groups! Grrrrr.

Upgraded my sack to the 50% weight reduction version. Should have done that earlier, literally all you have to do is port from one adventurer camp to another.

That was all I could do because the login servers went down shortly after that. So all other characters rested; I had a change of heart and deleted Flametongue as well. I want to make a Froglok Paladin.

Hammer tried for an hour to get a LDoN going unsuccessfully. Woundbane ran through upper guk, and got to lower guk, but it became clear that it was way over his head down there. And I don’t want him killing Frogloks. So went back to Crushbone but was unable to get a group.

Created Bravestone, a Froglok Paladin, and leveled him up – he’s halfway to 5th level. A kind high-level person temped him and so I ran him around Innothule taking out yellows and reds. Gave him some of Hammer’s old gear so he’s partially twinked. Got familiar with Gukta and looted enough money to outfit him with toolboxes in his inventory.

Hammer could not get a group going, so I decided to solo in the Great Divide. It turns out, the only things possible for him to solo there are those Drakkel wolves; and some group was running around and pulling all the wolves. Ended up gaining no XP between dying, and regaining the lost XP.

So created Hatereaper, a Troll shadowknight, and leveled him up to 2. Got familiar with Neriak and Nektulos mostly, and twinked him with some of my banked gear.

Woke up early – realllly early – and got Woundbane going again. He tried once more to get a throne room group in Crushbone, but it was camped *again* by someone powerleveling. So I said screw it, got him back into Unrest, and he’s now just shy of 50% xp. A nice high-level shaman buffed the crap out of him and I actually had him melee some undead instead of medding :). While there may be mostly light blues in the yard, at least here he can do something solo; pretty difficult to even get a creature to kill in Crushbone. If I pull right, I can still get dark blues too.

Hammer : Got to 35% xp. Got a LDON going, but they were a lousy group. It was clear early on this was nothing but XP. At least the loot was decent as only the ML and I stayed for the split.

Bloodskull: Farmed swirling shadows, found a few more and a bunch of shadeling silk. Around 50% xp now. The bear is great, we took on a red con and even though it killed the bear I simply summoned another & killed it.

Hammer : Now at 75% XP, after doing a better LDON, and some wolf hunting in Great Divide. We lost the adventure due to a massive overpull and with little crowd control; but we ended up finishing it anyway and I got a point. Also got another +3 DEX augment.

Woundbane : About 80% XP and still soloing undead in Unrest.

Bloodskull : Around 80% XP. He’s done farming that silk and the swirling shadows. I think I sold the silk too cheaply, for 8p each. If I have him collect more It’ll be more expensive. Still trying to sell a bunch of other stuff collected. Now, it’s definitely time to send him into Paludal.

Hatereaper : Dinged level 3. Made his Dark Basher Helm and a Bracer. I still need a clear roleplay for this guy; just being evil, period, is boring.

Created Littleoak, a Halfling Druid. He made level 2, and doesn’t seem to have a newbie quest.

Bloodskull : Moved him into Unrest. Glad I did – Ding 10, then 11, and 60% to 12. Some high-level beastlords from my guild buffed him good and he was taking on single red cons with no problem, and taking down multiple reds with blue adds most of the time! Insane! Plus, he looted the Fabled Dwarven Workboots, and an AC 5 ring.

I still need practice using the bear. I kept getting him killed, and this after he had been buffed up like crazy. Very hard to resummon it too when a mob is beating on me hard.

Woundbane made it to 90% xp, and Bravestone to 30%. Everyone else rested, though I bought a knife which will summon bandages for Hammer.

Woundbane – Ding 19. Bought new spells, including Celestial Healing, 10% Rez, and new buffs. That took quite a bit of time. Moved him back to Unrest, time for him to go inside the house – just hope he doesn’t overpull.

Hatereaper – Ding 4. Got several of his newbie armor items created. Trying to get a shadow wolf pelt, but they are dangerous and the ones he’s killed haven’t dropped it. Needs more bricks of crude bronze, but Hammer can get them for him.

Hammer : Grouped with my pal tonight for a few hours, dinged 38 ! Also bought my Darkwater Pearl Ring finally; it does help with downtime. The amusing thing is, didn’t manage to try out my bandage summoner much – it doesn’t work on a player corpse at least. Plus I got a new pair of boots with a lot higher AC from Stikwin.

After that ran him around in Crushbone for awhile collecting bronze for Hatereaper, and finished the night moving items between characters.

Was all about Skeleton Invaders tonight. They’re supposed to be gone already according to rumor.

Hammer : Farmed bone chips killing skeletal conscripts, and got about 120. Got my bandage proccer to work, and it’s pretty cool – not that I had a chance to use them ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Hatereaper : Got a Steel Rod, and something I’ve never seen called Dwarven Shackles or somesuch for the wrist. Only died once.

Bravestone : Got a Cold Visor, and got killed twice trying to reach various skeleton drops.

The anniversay is over. It’s a shame as I was really enjoying all of it, but at the same time you knew it had to end.

Hammer : Farmed more bone chips. Got into a successful LDON, 3 points and good xp. After the skeletons disappeared, moved to Abysmal Sea and got about 50 points in Jewelcraft; and started on fletching.

Guild drama again; our former guild leader is restarting our old guild. I’m going along and going back; just taking the easy path & sticking with the people I know best. Although, the last thing I need in a game is a bunch of drama like that. We’ll see how this goes.

Hatereaper : Ran around Butcherblock going after skel drops; got killed about 10 times with nothing to show for the effort. Moved him back to Nektulos to finish up newbie armor.

Bravestone : Got a Dark Hoop of the Necromancer with small effort, and killed several times.

Bloodskull : Ding 12. Got into a large group in Unrest for an hour. My pet rocks, my melee is good, and my mana is basically for nothing but healing. I need a magic weapon for my pet, as the Unrest ghouls were untouchable by him, and I’m sure there are others.

Woundbane and Littleoak rested.

Bloodskull : Moved out of Unrest and trained in meditate and dodge. Not sure where to move him next.

Hammer : Ground some XP with my pal again. Did tradeskills, and got fletching up high enough for free. Still can do pottery, but that can wait, see no use for it yet.

Created Bonebank, on Torvonillious server, as an Erudite Necromancer. Leveled up to three and got familiar with the basics of the necro pet.

It looks like I’m going to end up with about one of each class on several different servers. Leaving one spot open on Tunare for the moment.
Everyone else rested.

Bravestone : Apparently giant snake rattles are available in Blackburrow, so I’ve moved him in there. I need them for his newbie armor. He can’t penetrate to the 2nd level so far, where the snakes are, so I’ll probably end up leveling him up here.

Bravestone can walk the streets of Qeynos without getting killed, unlike Hammer, and I took a good look around for the first time.

Bloodskull : Moved to Paludal and commenced killing – he’s on the Hollowshade Moor side and the XP really is good – like 3-4% per kill on white cons. The beetles do aggro much more than they do at a higher level.

Now carrying three rusty 1HB weapons with 5 damage. I have to spend some time in here and try out using them with my pet, as the pet had a bit of a hard time hitting.

Hammer : Grouped in Dulak with guildies, got good experience but did not get the items we needed for our druid friend’s spells. 2HB skilled up several points and now 43% towards level 39.

Woundbane : Grouped for once, in Unrest, with a magician and pulled nasties from the front of the house. XP was good, now up to around 65%.

Bravestone : Ding ding ding ding. Now up to level 10, all by whacking gnolls in Blackburrow. Towards the end got a temp from a nice high-level person which really helped.

Got two giant snake rattles, and need to work on newbie armor again. If I need any iron ore bricks, this is the place to get them.

And now he has his beginning paladin spells, which should help with downtime and such.

Bloodskull : Did some XP’ing in Paludal, and tried out the pet with a 6 dmg 1HB weapon. A little difference, but not much; but it’s probably better to use them for this, than sell back to the vendor, or just let them rot on corpses.

Hammer, again, could not get a group. Better go back to Great Divide if he can’t. I wanted to get him *some* XP every night, no matter what, and that’s two nights he’s gotten nothing.

Hammer : Another successful LDON. 4 points, XP to 81%. Too bad I didn’t hook up with them earlier, they did three that night ๐Ÿ™‚ . Everyone else rested other than shuffling loot around.

Hammer : Two more successful LDON’s. Dinged 39 and 40% towards 40. Really good group – we did two adventures. I really want 40 because then my Bloodguard Wand will proc the Guard effect, which will clearly make it the best weapon I own. Hopefully tonight; probably take two LDON’s to do so.

Baked Pickled Wyverns – skilled up to 49 in baking now on 100 combines. Obviously I didn’t buy enough ingredients – if I do that again I need to buy 300 (or more), which should take me close to 75 (the trivial level). I paid 15p for the port to Cobalt Scar; hope that wasn’t way overpriced.

Bravestone : Took on a few beetles in Unrest. Good XP (4%), if a little hairy – long fight. Then realized he’d not been trained in his spell skills. Ran him back to PoK for training, and noted that he needs level 12 so he can meditate.

Decided to just go into Crushbone and kill & collect scalps – the XP is a bit slower but there’s all kinds of people there. Got massive buffs from a high-level, tried to take out a red con Oracle, and generated a 12+ Orc train to the zone. Oops.

Not feeling well, so slept early on the 25th or I’d have achieved one or the other of these goals (12th Bravestone or 40th Hammerbreaker).

Hammer : Ding 40 – just barely. Did two successful LDON’s and was at 96%, then hunted wolves in the Great Divide solo to hit the level. The LDON’s were in Takish Hiz, the sand elf theme – it was cool, but our main looter disappeared on each adventure with the loot ! We got one to come back but the other absconded.

Now have 58 points, 16 wins in Mistmoore, 2 in Rujarkian, and 2 in Takish Hiz. Long way to go to max the Adv Stone power. Also got another cold resist augment.

Now maxed @ 200 1HS, Double attack, Offense, and Taunt. 1HB up to 111, 2HB to 118.

Woundbane : Gave away some items to newbies and rezzed them. Moved to Butcherblock; next time I play Woundbane he is going to get some LDON group going. I think if he waits long enough it will happen.

Hatereaper : Ding 5, 6, 7. Got killed in Nektulos and discovered my bind point is in Butcherblock still – oops. After getting awesome buffs thanks to high-levels in the adv camp, I ran him to Shar Vahl and bound there.

Moved quickly to Paludal Caverns and killed several beetles for awesome XP. Once my buffs dropped I got killed in a hurry, so I ran out to Shadweavers Thicket and hunted there. It’s actually a tough place to hunt alone as you seem always to get adds – unless you hunt just around the Gor Taku cave in the northeast part of the zone.

Going to collect the jawbones which drop in Shadeweavers – each can be turned in for various armor items. Shattered jawbones, I believe, can be turned in for leggings which Bravestone and Woundbane both need, to replace cloth pants.

Trying to get all his weapon skills up. Since fighting with this guy is a matter of hitting attack and waiting, I watched what happens when you skill up combat skills – your ATK goes up as your offense and weapon skill increases, and your AC as your defense skill increases. So far this isn’t an issue for any character except maybe Woundbane – how will he max everything? Hammer is well on his way, and the others are too low to worry about it.

Hammer rested due to time issues.

Woundbane : Ding 20 – 40% towards 21. Guild group killing in Lake of Ill Omen, a good time was had by all. Kinda messed up my plan to have him do his first LDON but that’s OK, try again tonight.

Created Crazymaker, a gnome enchanter, and leveled him to 2. That’s all slots filled for characters on Tunare. Ak’Anon is a pretty interesting place; I like it.

Short session today.

Hammer : Guild group in Nadox. Got ready to fight, and I go LD, running into a whole bunch of mobs and training them back to the group. After the recovery we fought 3 or 4 mobs then quit. 2% XP for the night.

Shuffled items around and put up my trader again. Crossing fingers some of it sells.

Again a short session. Hammer got his 16th win in Mistmoore. Went to check out a rumored GM event in Steamfont, but saw nothing happening.

It’s funny, Hammer keeps getting many resist augments which drop – nobody wants them. I never ask but after one mission a few weeks back where one rotted I determined I’d never turn one down. Shoot, you can remove them for around 15 plat; why not have *some* effect in all of them?

Guild stuff; meeting on the future of the reborn guild, and I became an officer. Was in guild chat most of the night Sat.

Hammer did some more fishing; now 144 fishing and 165 alc tol. Have a few hundred pounds of tuna and crab, and will either turn this stuff in to the tribute master or sell in the bazaar.

Bravestone : Penetrated deeper into Blackburrow and dinged 11.

Hammer : Grouped with guildies in the Mines of Nurga. I was way under level, and a bit nervous. But we ended up standing around forever and I was pretty safe. Looted a Ruby that vendor sells for 90 plat and may sell for 200 plat in the bazaar. Wow !

Later did my 17th LDON win in Mistmoore. Kept getting stuck – they recruited me because I asked to get unstuck from the flag. Then I got stuck twice in the dungeon ! Jeez, this bug is annoying.

Managed to finally sell my swirling shadows, but no Tuna sold.

Bravestone : Ground some more XP in Blackburrow. I think I’m done with that zone though, it’s become too hard for him to find mobs he can XP on.

Hammer : Participated in a pickup raid. Wow, was that crazy or what? There is a special event happening in Steamfont right now, the gnomes are being attacked by an undead army. The mobs are all 60+. I ran into people who organized a quick raid, and we learned a few things but didn’t really get anything.

There were dozens of good & evil gnomes & skeletons, etc, and they were all attacking and killing one another. The Boss I never managed to see, but the point is supposed to be to kill him. Ultimately we had a bunch of dead characters and pulled them out of the vicinity of the war, and eventually decided we were simply not strong enough to take out the boss mob.

It was kind of fun; I managed to help kill two mobs while getting killed myself once. I assisted someone to take out the two, and thought I was assisting a third; but the third was only fighting 4 or so of our pets, so I got aggro. Six hits @ 500 wasted me quick .

Hammer : Ran up to Highhold Keep and turned in a bunch of orc scalps. Now his bag is empty again. Man, but that takes a long time.

Looted some bixie parts and snake eggs; ready to do some more baking & progress on the baking quest. Haven’t messed with that for awhile; but now that Hammer is 40 he gets plenty of platinum in one LDON and most baking supplies are a few silver – it’s cheap now.

Sold Tuna & Crab, and got another batch ready to sell. Going to resell my Darkwater Pearl Ring; the new patch changes to resting regeneration make it silly to own the thing. I’m hoping to sell it at a profit, and well if the price collapses one of my alts will love having it on a ringless finger at least.

Hammer : Bought an Ancient Seahorse Cloak, with 20 AC and 25 HP, a nice upgrade – 300pp. Did some baking and made another dozen or so assorted recipes – no skillups. Didn’t sell anything at the bazaar.

Managed to do an LDON and tried to hook up with guildies but it wasn’t happening. Y’know, they are just too high, they’re all about 55th level – and they’re slow getting a group going.

Now have 18 wins in Mistmoore; hopefully I can get two more tonight and upgrade my stone.

Bravestone : Ran him into Kaladim and turned in bone chips, and crushbone pads & belts. If I turn in most of those bone chips he should be able to make level 12 out of this, but I quit because it was late at night. Also gave him Hammer’s Dire wolf-hide cloak.

Woundbane : Now has 1 win in Mistmoore LDON. Man is it hard to get a group for 20ish level characters. Had a false start where one guy said he would lead, then logged off after 10 minutes. Eventually got a group of five and kicked butt.

Did a lot of bazaaring. Only managed to sell Abysmal fish, but they are worth a lot of money, made about 1200 plat.

Bravestone : Ding 12. Nearly 13. All from turning in Crushbone belts and bone chips. Then ran him to Unrest and started killing, and he’s going to do fine there, planning to stay until spell level 14.

Woundbane : Ding 21. LDON #2 in Mistmoore, we beat it with flying colors. During one overpull I had one off-tanker at 7% health, still, nobody died and that’s the important thing. We were all out of mana and beat down below 50% health – pretty cool to survive those.

Littleoak : Ding 3. I need to get a forager going so Hammer can cook with vegetables. But after the PC locked up I didn’t keep running this guy.

Hatereaper : Gave him the darkwater pearl ring since it’s not selling. Lots of them for sale at my price and lower. Beat up shades for awhile. There was a high-level there killing the shades, and *not looting* them. I don’t get that. Well I picked up stuff anyway and thanked her for it. Now at 50% XP.

After selling all day, no abysmal fish sold. Bummer. This is after making more room in my bags to hold more; if anyone buys the fish they buy them all, so I doubled my inventory to 200 each tuna and crab – and then nobody buys it LOL ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Hatereaper : Ding 8. Kept whacking the Skel Hunters and Lesser Shades in Shadeweaver’s Thicket, and collected a bunch of silks and some swirling shadows. Turned in some jawbones and got Rebirth gloves which I need to see if anybody can use.

Then I moved him into Paludal again, and started killing beetles by the entrance. Man, those things repop fast! Ding 9, but right after that I attracted four of them and could not escape so I died. Ran to PoK, got training for my level 9 stuff, and need to buy his first spells tonight.

Sold more stuff in the Bazaar including an amazing 340 lbs of Abysmal fish, making it about 950 lbs of fish I’ve sold. The best part about that is, my bank is still *filled* with fish, so I can keep raking in the money for quite some time. It helps that my price is the cheapest by far among traders with any inventory to speak of.

What I want to do currently with each character – roughly in order of priority :
Hammerbreaker should bake and get two more LDON’s for an adventure stone upgrade. Need vegetables before he can bake.
Littleoak needs to ding 5 to get the Forage skill.
Woundbane needs to log more LDON’s.
Bravestone, and Bloodskull need to attain level 15 so they can get their adv stone.
Hatereaper needs to ding 12 to get meditate.
Crazymaker – No goal, just level.

Littleoak : Ding 4, then 5. Some nice 40ish level druids in the area gave me pieces of old equipment which powered him up substantially. Collected the usual stuff like bat wings and spiderling silks while leveling.

Finally, I’ve got my Forage button. So I hung out in the Misty Thicket for awhile and just hit it when it came up. Each time, it says “You didn’t find any food nearby”. Well, I guess you have to use it a lot for it to be useful – I did manage a single skillup. On the plus side, I got 7 or 8 jumjum stalks while I waited around whacking that button, and drinking beer.

It’s going to be a long time before I forage a stack of vegetables I fear. I ran him into Shadeweaver’s thicket to continue the farming of shadeling silk and swirling shadows.

Bummer – I got undercut in the bazaar on my abysmal fish. Plan to match the other guys price tonight if he’s still selling – it’s not like I won’t make a profit, fishing is cheap. Total sales now about 1100 lbs.

Hammer : Baked and brewed. Really interested in baking, but it turns out you need 80-90ish skill in brewing to make the GoD sauces for….. baking! Managed to get both skills up to 80. Made the bad decision to make recipes involving sugar, which cost a fortune, and resulted in few skillups; then made fish rolls and got to 80. Brewed a bunch of ale, gnomish spirits, and sauces to get to 80.

Need to give other characters the food resulting, because Hammer’s inventory is full ๐Ÿ™‚ . Plus he’s got a ton of booze. Alc Tolerance has reached 175.

Bazaaring – Sold another 100 lbs of fish – the undercutter didn’t trade this weekend I believe. Also sold silk and a few other odd things.

Dairy spoons can be had for 5p, so I’m trying to decide if I’ll just buy one or if I’ll work up smithing at this time. Then again, in perspective, a dairy spoon costs a spiderling silk, probably makes sense to just buy the stupid thing.

Of course the undercutter logged in this morning, so I had to match his price & hope he just gets tired of this. Even better would be if I could get him to up *his* price. Shoot, the fish isn’t going to sell any quicker, he just doesn’t know that.

Bravestone – Ding 13. It’s different playing a meleer who casts so much while fighting. I try to have yaulp up, and have the mob Flash of Lighted, and perhaps hit it with Cease (stun?) as well. Click, click, click. Don’t stop – click again. But he’s doing well, trying to get him to 15 for adventure stone.

Hammerbreaker – Ding 41, just last night. Guildies went to Dulak and so I went with them. It went flawlessly, I tanked well and got supported well, which resulted in a smooth killing machine. And, now I’ve got more pocket change for…….. baking !

Worked baking up to 135 – should have done fish rolls earlier. Only cost like 12 plat for all those skillups. I’m thinking to work rat ear pies next. Remember those uncooked ones he’d been saving in inventory until he had good enough skill not to destroy em? Finally eating those.

Can’t get a lot of skill off those pies, but they are cheap, and I have the ears. After that the smart thing is probably butter-based fish, for cost reasons.

Didnโ€™t do much tonight. Bought 6 opal encrusted steins โ€“ passed them out to Hatereaper, Bravestone, and Littleoak. Also bought a dairy spoon, and a non-stick frying pan, for Hammer to bake with.

Sold another 200 lbs of fish bringing the total up to 1400 lbs. Wow, I didnโ€™t realize it was that much. The image of an Ogre returning from a fishing trip with that much weight of fish on his net is pretty darned funny. Today Iโ€™m selling fish at my price again, hope some sell.

Bravestone – Ding 14. I thought that meant he gets new spells so I ran him to PoK; then found out Paladins get spells at 15. Ugh. Got him back to Unrest and logged off for the night.

Bravestone โ€“ Ding 15. One complete level in one night, thatโ€™s pretty good โ€“ started and ended with 0% XP earned. Grouped with a shaman for the night in Unrest and killed a lot of zombies. Then began the run to the Plane of Knowledge for new spells โ€“ now I know for sure theyโ€™re 15. Plus, I need to get my adventurer stone.

Bravestone โ€“ Got spells for level 15. Got an adventurer stone. Ran around a lot, and ultimately got back into Unrest.

Hammerbreaker โ€“ LDON # 19. Got killed once! Ugh, but got rezzed in the dungeon. Ended up with 16 plat and about 10% xp. Not the best one Iโ€™ve ever done, but it was a victory. Now I can get excited about getting #20 โ€“ hopefully tonight. Watch, the upgrade to the adventurerโ€™s stone will be pathetic, like 10%.


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