Posted by: mrrx | May 25, 2004


Hatereaper : Ding 10. Killed more bugs in Paludal and lesser shades in Shadeweavers. Those silks are very valuable.

Bravestone : Ding 17. Worked throught Unrest even farther, and now walk the yard unafraid of anything that wanders around there. Pull one or two to the side of the hedge maze and slice ‘n dice. Collecting a lot of zombie skin which I need to get ready for bazaar sale.

Hammerbreaker : LDoN success #20. I get an amazing +1 hp upgrade to my adventurer stone ! Whoopee ! No, not really. Well at least I found out how it should work – +2 hp and mana per 10 wins. +1 to all stats every 50 wins. Total wins to get the thing to the top level are 500. Jeez – *500* wins. Do people ever really max this thing out?

Not only that but it does work on a recommended level basis. Right now my stone would have +4 hp, but because Hammer is level 41 he instead gets +2.

We did a four person group, with one person leaving before the split. Got around 80 plat! Wow! Truly, a good amount of loot. And again, no augs dropped.


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